Founder Selection Criteria

PLACEWe are dedicated to supporting communities across the country that are often overlooked in investment conversations (e.g., “Mighty Middle” cities, rural areas, Indian Country, etc.).
IDENTITYWe are intentionally focused on Black, Latinx, and Indigenous founders who have long struggled 
against an economy designed to deny them access. We strive to include other voices as well, such as female-identified, LGBTQ+, and founders with disabilities. 
STAGEWe are looking for emerging founders in the early stages (development -> launch -> growth) for whom a small capital investment and professional advising support would have a significant impact.
SECTORWe are open to a variety of solution types — creative, tech-enabled, products & services, infrastructural — with a preference for business ideas that can scale and build generational wealth. 
IMPACTWe believe that businesses can meet today’s urgent challenges. As a result, we seek out founders who are driving real community impact.
ADVISINGWe are looking for founders who are tackling key internal obstacles, such as strategic planning, marketing, HR, IT, finances, operations, and COVID resiliency, so that we can match them with enterprise supporters with relevant professional expertise.